【For Woman】I have a technique of Adjustment your Body and Mind By Oriental send Qigong in Distace, And Chakra Healing

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i have a technique of Adjustment

And counselling on my own way, by many experiences of caring many people,

For Example.

One Clients says That She Has always feeling her lack of Satisfaction, and mission, and feel a place of her,she has a problem of lack of protection her mind,
Self-esteem,This Phenomina Is caused of The problem Of "Bruised coccyx",

It is very very Important reason,

in Oriental medicine, Coccyx is lincked with head and brain,

THis Two Has relation.

by healing and warming and send Qigong to coccyx

and head and stamack, she became well suddenly,

and i sended her this method, self healing,

she must warm her foot by Footbath 6 min every day,

and warm by her hand coccyx every day,

and i have more method to heal and cure and support your body and mind.

【How to ask me】
Please send me message by Contact Buttun.
I will send you How to Heal you.
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